• "Fun. Energetic. Professional."  - Molly

  • "We have the experience and relationships to cultivate a fresh campaign to develop new leads."  - Travis

  • "Message delivery is what we do - it's who we are."  - Kris

  • "The world is waiting to hear the story of you. It's time to get creative."  - Travis

  • "A brand is a visual description of who you are."   - Miranda

  • "Using your marketing dollars in a fresh and innovative way. "   - Missy

  • "We know what you expect : honesty, integrity, and character...welcome to agency two twelve."  - Travis

  • "Color outside the lines."  - Kris

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Building a foundation

So you're in business, you have a presence in the marketplace and a few people know about you. How are you going to take it to the next degree?

Let's talk about it.
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Creating the energy

Boiling water creates steam. With steam comes power. With power comes responsibility. Who are you targeting, who are you influencing?

Let's talk about this.
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Directing the brand

You are the brand. What is your brand saying? Where is your brand going? Are your customers on board?

Let's talk about that.

  Our Report Card

"I want to thank Travis and Brandon for all the help and guidance they provided us when designing our newsletter. They came to our office to provide us with multiple options in constructing the newsletter and took care of any questions I had in a prompt manner. We have had many compliments with the newsletter and the staff enjoyed working with Agency Two Twelve. We look forward to doing business with you in the future for our advertising needs. Thank you."

Jared Ehrp
General Manager
Remsen Coop

"Agency Two Twelve is a fantastic resource to any business looking to improve their marketing focus and advertising rate of return. They have a knowledgeable staff that is willing to go the extra mile to help their clients succeed. In our industry when an individual or company truly grasps the entire marketing concept a reference is made about them as... "They get it". Well this company Agency Two Twelve is one of them "They get it"; time and time again they prove to their clients they fully understand all aspects of marketing, targeting specific demographics, gender and directly targeting clientele for a specific product. Agency Two Twelve is an asset to any business looking for a marketing partner."

David Putnam
General Manager
KICD Radio Stations

"Agency Two Twelve has had a tremendous influence on our business. As a result of our doing business with Agency Two Twelve, Farmers Coop Society has benefitted in the various arenas of marketing, advertising, and public relations. When we need anything done that our customers will see or hear about, we know that we need Two Twelve to have their hands on it. Our customers are always commenting on the latest Next Century Farm Report and they haven’t stopped talking about the PinPoint launch that the Agency directed."

Jeff Holtz
Eastern Region Manager
Farmers Coop Society